Staging Services for Selling – Downsizing – Upsizing


While still the #1 reason for staging, many homeowners cannot see their own spaces objectively.  A fresh coat of paint can go miles towards improving the first impression buyers perceive, as well as decluttering, removing heavy window treatments, and minimizing furniture in key rooms. Flooring upgrades to better carpet or today’s LVT faux wood plank flooring can also create an attractive environment.

Paradise Interiors can help you show your home in its best light, add instant curb appeal to attract the perfect buyer, and potentially add thousands of dollars to your selling price. 


Once your home has been sold, the most likely scenario is to move to a larger home, whether it includes more bedrooms, or more outdoor space.  Staging in a larger home involves using the pieces you want to keep, and supplementing with new purchases that make sense – -and this includes window treatments, flooring, wall covering, lighting, and even landscaping elements. 

Our professional staging services include cataloging what you really want to keep, and what should be sold, donated or thrown out.   Subsequent visits will help you plan where to place your furniture, and create a spending plan for new purchases. Color, window treatments, lighting, even landscaping can also be addressed.


Paradise Interiors also offers staging for homeowners looking to downsize, whether for retirement or just to live more simply. Deciding what to keep and what to let go can be difficult; and we can lend objectivity and sensitivity to the downsizing process. Often downsizing can present the perfect opportunity to showcase a beloved heirloom piece that previously may have been overlooked.  Downsizing is also a perfect opportunity to donate or sell duplicate/surplus items that have never been used. 

Our professional staging services can also recommend paint colors, lighting, and flooring options to help you create the perfect space.

Contact Paradise Interiors today if you are interested in a Staging Consultation.

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